Possible theming, including font

• Mar 11, 2018 - 09:52

I tried accidentally to set one ornamental font as system default, affecting also all qt5 applications (thanks to qt5ct). There is screenshot, featuring musescore (can't find, how to paste image to text). Top panel is xfce4-panel with vala-panel-appmenu (i failed to disable dbusmenu selectively, so just left as is).
If others are ok, i would propose to include similar font set as brand-like (of course, imho it MUST_HAVE option to use system font in this case).

Font on screenshot, is "CMU Serif Upright Italic", which regardless name is not italic, while its really italic-like copy really appears in "CMU Classical Serif". Both have bold variants though. Unless done by CMU authors, these two could be merged in one "Classical" set (it seems, there is some names in font names).
As for as i understand, it is this font: http://cm-unicode.sourceforge.net/

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