Add "Sticking" text for percussion that can trigger seperate samples

• May 1, 2018 - 02:02

In the upcoming 2.3 update, major updates are being made to percussion, especially marching percussion. New samples are being recorded for each instrument, with different samples for left and right hand. However, playback will only feature randomized samples of each note, as there is no way to specify which sample will be played through text alone.
I propose a new type of text be added to Musescore 3.0 called sticking. This would be done by cloning lyrics functionality, and be formatted as L or R, as left and right hand respectively (B could be both)? This text would trigger different samples depending on the text. For example, if L is written, samples of a left-handed stroke would be played.
Attached is an example of how sticking would appear. If developers could figure out a way to implement the text and make it play back samples depending on the text, then percussion notation and playback would work much better and be more aligned with industry standards.

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