File dialog inconsistency

• Jul 4, 2014 - 17:46

There inconsistency with the file dialogs used in Musescore 2.0:

The 'File - Open' dialog is some simplistic variety, especially it is missing my bookmarked places.

MuseScore: Load Score_020.png

The dialogs used in the Preferences are complete, including the 'Places' column.

Choose Score Folder_019.png

I'm actually complaining, that the 'File - Open' dialog does not display the 'Places' column with my bookmarks. The inconsistency itself is not as important. but the bookmarks are missing where they are most useful, in 'File - Open'.


In reply to by Shoichi

No, at least not in this case.

I suppose different file dialogs (or even toolkits) are used, the difference comes from there. Comparing to Musescore 1.3, the file dialog for 'file - open' has changed while the filedialog in the preferences menu is the same.

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