Help me decide which battle theme is best (of my making)

• May 21, 2018 - 03:34

Trainer Battle v.5.mscz Trainer Battle v.5.mscz I'm stuck. I've made two Trainer Battle themes (of many) for my Custom Pokemon Soundtrack (v.2). They are the best versions I've made, and as such I don't know which one to make official.

Included are the SoundCloud urls and mscz files of both. I used Musescore 2.2 Nightly revision ce9ffd8 with the FluidR3mono soundfont (the one that comes with previous versions of Musescore 2), if anyone wants to get an authentic look with Musescore.

The opinions I'm looking for are not necessarily based on how good they sound; I want to know which one you think is catchier; which one fits in with other, official Trainer Battle themes; which one you find yourself jamming to more. You know?

The reason the second one doesn't have a fadeout is because it isn't actually finished yet, but I have most of the work done. The first one is about as final as it can be, and was the current champion, so to speak, before this dilemma.

First theme -
Second theme -

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Trainer Battle v.5.mscz 41.21 KB
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