The most minor, inconsequential request ever made:

• May 28, 2018 - 01:50

Middle mouse button scroll!


(By which I mean, panning over the score left to right by clicking the mouse wheel as a button, not spinning the wheel to vertically scroll, as it already does.)

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Yes, and it's the slowest molasses in January to do it. In supported applications such as a web brower, the wheel-click function places a reticle on the screen, and the speed of the panning increases with distance from the reticle. With a score the size of a full symphony, it could help.

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I should have been up front about this: I'm studying a 15 minute megascore from John Powell as transcribed by Bradley here on Musescore, and on my HP notebook computer it takes a minute to load, three minutes to save, and the entire screen freezes up just from turning the mixer on. Events take as much as five seconds or more to process. The Navigator caches the entire score into a file image and slows it down unusably, so that option is right out.

I could have just shelled out for a megapowered gaming rig and not mentioned any of this. And if my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a wagon. I just thought this might have been useful for any other users with machines too underpowered for the files they are working with.

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It was a perfectly reasonable question. Given your situation and processor power, I would imagine any software solution would still be slow. Try running your task manager along with Musescore to see if there are any non-essential processes slowing down your computer. That could save you a lot of frustration.


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Add a comment to #68751: Allow document drag with middle mouse button expressing your support for such a feature.

Note though that I very much would expect it to not be much faster than Shift+Scroll given how scores are rendered in 2.x versions.
Another approach to perhaps get faster where you want to be is to use the find function (Ctrl+F). Enter a number to jump to that measure, or pxx to jump to that page.

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