creating custom channel per staff for multiple staffs system

• Jun 21, 2018 - 09:41

Hello wonderful musescorers,
I try to use a four sfz church organ and cannot manage it to work with the Church Organ instrument layout. Indeed, the church organ instrument has only one instrument channel.

I would like to use a different sfz per staff in the system: in fact, i would like to add a pedal (foot) channel for the organ foot keyboard and assign the lower staff to it by a staff property. Unfortunately the staff property acts on the whole system!
Is there any way to achieve the goal correctly?

P.S: attached is the organ score.


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This is pretty easy. I do this often. Create three staves, violin, cello, and, cello or contrabass, brace them appropriately, then choose whatever voices you want via "Staff Properties", perhaps in better sound fonts; this will allow you different voices in "what only looks like an organ". See also (the "about" on the right) and in particular and my other discussions there.

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