MuseScore Drumline - Using MDL Pictograms

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What are MDL Pictograms and how are they used?

MDL Pictograms are illustrated symbols currently available in the Master Palette that may be used to not only communicate composer intent to a performer, but may also have a specific practical function within MuseScore.

For example, dragging the glockenspiel pictogram to a specific point in a xylophone part would not only communicate the instrument change in the score for the performer, but automatically create a mid-staff instrument change for playback within MuseScore.


Which pictograms are available in the MDL workspace and what do they do?

Pictograms allow the composer or arranger to clearly and consistently communicate to performer a desired intent.

MuseScore is unique in that it is the first and only notation software to use pictograms not only for notation, but to instantly create instrument changes for score playback with a single click.

To begin using pictograms, simply select the desired note in the score you wish to change instruments or communicate to the performer and select a pictogram from the palette - done.

Palette - MDL Battery

Sticks & Mallets

mdl_pictogram_stick.png - Stick - Play with sticks
mdl_pictogram_brushes.png - Brushes - Play with brushes
mdl_pictogram_rods.png - Rods - Play with rods
mdl_pictogram_mallet_bass_hard.png - Hard Bass Drum Mallet - Play with hard felt bass drum mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_bass_medium.png - Medium Bass Drum Mallet - Play with medium felt bass drum mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_bass_soft.png - Soft Bass Drum Mallet - Play with soft puffy bass drum mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_tenor_hard.png - Hard Tenor Mallet - Play with hard tenor mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_tenor_medium.png - Medium Tenor Mallet - Play with medium tenor mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_tenor_soft.png - Soft Tenor Mallet - Play with soft puffy tenor mallet

Strokes & Paying Zones

mdl_pictogram_upstroke.png - Upstroke - Play note using upstroke
mdl_pictogram_downstroke.png - Downstroke - Play note using downstroke
mdl_pictogram_zone_front.png - Front Edge/Third - Play in the front edge/third of the drum
mdl_pictogram_zone_back.png - BackEdge/Third - Play in the back edge/third of the drum
mdl_pictogram_zone_center.png - Center - Play in the center of the drum
mdl_pictogram_zone_left.png -Left Edge/Third - Play in the left edge/third of the drum
mdl_pictogram_zone_right.png - Right Edge/Third - Play in the right edge/third of the drum


mdl_pictogram_visual_frontflip.png - Front Filp - Perform a front flip stick visual
mdl_pictogram_visual_backflip.png - Back Filp - Perform a back flip stick visual
mdl_pictogram_visual_himom.png - Hi Mom - Perform a Hi Mom stick visual
mdl_pictogram_visual_fingertwirl.png - Finger Twirl - Perform a finger twirl stick visual
mdl_pictogram_visual_thumbroll.png - Thumbroll - Perform a thumbroll stick visual
mdl_pictogram_visual_sidetoss.png - Side Toss - Perform a side toss stick visual
mdl_pictogram_visual_pancake.png - Pancake - Perform a pancake stick visual


mdl_pictogram_watchconductor.png - Watch conductor

Palette - MDL Front Ensemble

Instrument Changes

mdl_pictogram_instrument_marimba.png - Marimba - Change to marimba
mdl_pictogram_instrument_xylophone.png - Xylophone - Change to xylophone
mdl_pictogram_instrument_vibraphone.png - Vibraphone - Change to vibraphone
mdl_pictogram_instrument_glockenspiel.png - Glockenspiel - Change to glockenspiel
mdl_pictogram_instrument_chimes.png - Chimes - Change to chimes
mdl_pictogram_instrument_windchimes.png - Windchimes - Change to windchimes
mdl_pictogram_instrument_timpani.png - Timpani - Change to timpani
mdl_pictogram_instrument_snaredrum.png - Snare Drum - Change to snare drum
mdl_pictogram_instrument_fielddrum.png - Field Drum - Change to field drum
mdl_pictogram_instrument_bassdrum.png - Bass Drum - Change to bass drum
mdl_pictogram_instrument_toms.png - Concert Toms - Change to concert toms
mdl_pictogram_instrument_slidewhistle.png - Slide Whistle - Change to slide whistle
mdl_pictogram_instrument_congas.png - Congas - Change to congas
mdl_pictogram_instrument_bongos.png - Bongos - Change to bongos
mdl_pictogram_instrument_timbales.png - Timbales - Change to timbales
mdl_pictogram_instrument_tamtam.png - Tam-Tam - Change to tam-tam
mdl_pictogram_instrument_suscymbal.png - Suspended Cymbal - Change to suspended cymbal
mdl_pictogram_instrument_cymbals.png - Cymbals - Change to cymbals
mdl_pictogram_instrument_tambourine.png - Tambourine - Change to tambourine
mdl_pictogram_instrument_sleighbells.png - Sleigh Bells - Change to sleigh bells
mdl_pictogram_instrument_triangle.png - Triangle - Change to triangle
mdl_pictogram_instrument_cowbell.png - Cowbell - Change to cowbell
mdl_pictogram_instrument_brakedrum.png - Brake Drum - Change to brake drum
mdl_pictogram_instrument_anvil.png - Anvil - Change to anvil
mdl_pictogram_instrument_claves.png - Claves - Change to claves
mdl_pictogram_instrument_woodblock.png - Wood Blocks - Change to wood blocks
mdl_pictogram_instrument_templeblock.png - Temple Blocks - Change to temple blocks
mdl_pictogram_instrument_castanets.png - Castanets - Change to castanets
mdl_pictogram_instrument_maracas.png - Maracas - Change to maracas
mdl_pictogram_instrument_cabasa.png - Cabasa - Change to cabasa
mdl_pictogram_instrument_guiro.png - Guiro - Change to guiro
mdl_pictogram_instrument_rachet.png - Rachet - Change to rachet
mdl_pictogram_instrument_vibraslap.png - Vibraslap - Change to vibraslap

Mallets & Implements

mdl_pictogram_mallet_plastic_hard.png - Hard Plastic Mallet - Play with hard plastic mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_plastic_medium.png - Medium Plastic Mallet - Play with medium plastic mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_plastic_soft.png - Soft Plastic Mallet - Play with soft plastic mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_yarn_hard.png - Hard Yarn Mallet - Play with hard yarn mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_yarn_medium.png - Medium Yarn Plastic Mallet - medium yarn mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_yarn_soft.png - Soft Yarn Mallet - soft yarn mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_rubber_hard.png - Hard Rubber Mallet - Play with hard rubber mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_rubber_medium.png - Medium Rubber Mallet - Play with medium rubber mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_rubber_soft.png - Hard Soft Mallet - Play with soft rubber mallets
mdl_pictogram_mallet_wood.png - Wood Mallet - Play with wood mallet
mdl_pictogram_mallet_brass.png - Brass Mallet - Play with brass mallet
mdl_pictogram_bow.png - Bow - Play with cello bow

Audio & Video

mdl_pictogram_av_sample.png - Audio Sample - Trigger audio sample
mdl_pictogram_av_videosample.png - Video Sample - Trigger video sample
mdl_pictogram_av_mixer.png - Mixer - Adjust mixer level
mdl_pictogram_av_level_0.png - Level 0% - Change level to 0%
mdl_pictogram_av_level_20.png - Level 20% - Change level to 20%
mdl_pictogram_av_level_40.png - Level40% - Change level to 40%
mdl_pictogram_av_level_60.png - Level 60% - Change level to 60%
mdl_pictogram_av_level_80.png - Level 80% - Change level to 80%
mdl_pictogram_av_level_100.png - Level 100% - Change level to 100%
mdl_pictogram_av_mic_live.png - Mic Live - Microphone is live
mdl_pictogram_av_mic_mute.png - Mic Mute - Mute microphone
mdl_pictogram_av_mic_unmute.png - Mic unmute - Un-mute microphone

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