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• Jul 9, 2018 - 07:17

First off, I am well aware that the chances of finding a SoundFont or even samples of a baroque oboe, or any baroque wind for that matter are one-in-a-million (at best). Regardless, I believe an attempt is something worthwhile. The only sampled baroque oboe I am aware of is that of the Vienna Symphonic Library, which features it as part of a bundle of historical winds. However, I am looking for either .wav files or an .sf2 file.

I came across a list of soundfonts that included a baroque oboe in the catalog. To my dismay, however, it appeared that the files were long gone. After some research, I found another forum cites a CD created by McGill University in Ontario containing .wav samples of historical winds and keyboards. After some research, however, the likelihood of obtaining this CD is practically nonexistent.

TL;DR: Does anyone here know of or have a Baroque oboe SoundFont/Samples I can obtain?

The site in question:…
McGill University Samples:…


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It works. The lower notes are a bit muffled but the upper range sounds like an 18th century oboe. If you don't mind me asking, would you be willing to share the oboe da caccia and the organ? I should also note that you seem to have amassed quite an impressive collection. Again, if it's not too much trouble, would you be willing to send some more historical/orchestral soundfonts?

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For the moment I'm sending you the link to the oboe d'amore. Unlike the classical oboe, this instrument can produce notes below middle C and maybe it's also less muffled in the lower register. Let me know what you think.
It will take some time to convert and tweak all stops of the GPO4 pipe organ (although there are only 13 in total).
Besides keyboards and oboes the rest of period instruments in my collection were already posted on Musescore, in particular "Early Music Ensemble SFZ Files" and "Baroque Instruments (440 HZ Version)".

Does somebody have a not broken links of these soundfonts? Could he please share them? (yes I am writing the same question in differents topics but I would like to have all these soundfonts) ^^

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