usb 2 keyboards

• Jul 29, 2018 - 11:08

I use 2 midi keyboards
- 1 usb midi in for musescore
- 1 regular midi to my soundcard, digital piano for Kontakt standalone piano
(so I can try out anything without worrying about mistaken notes)

The usb keyboard is not always powered.

Often when I start Musescore the usb -setup is not remembered,
especially if usb-keyboard is pwer off.
And I often have to restart Musescore,
and reset setting to get all working.

Any tips!
Could this be improved?



First question: what operating system do you use?
> especially if usb-keyboard is pwer off.
At least on Macs that's a bad idea. You either need to restart MuseScore after powering on the usb keyboard or force the OS to rescan the midi devices (I've installed a Midi Monitor on our Media Lab Macs just for that purpose).

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