Composing a Fugue, Should I expand the initial subject?

• Aug 22, 2018 - 23:52

So I took my initial subject for a fugue I want to compose and developed it in different ways as you will see by the text in the file. But I was wondering if I should expand that initial subject past the 2 measures I have. I mean yes, 2 measures is sufficient for Bach but I have heard that if you don't have a long enough subject, you won't have that implied harmony you want in a fugue exposition. I have a very simple melody and I am afraid that it is insufficient for a fugue subject.

Here is a file with the ideas I have for my fugue subject:

Ideas for Fugue Subject.mscz


I noticed Bach would state a 2 measure subject, answer it, but then create a cadence off of the counter subject in the first voice which gives you an extra measure before the 3rd voice comes in. That might give you a more balanced length to your exposition. I looked up the Little Prelude in CM for organ as my reference.

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