How would you evaluate my musical score?

• Sep 4, 2018 - 06:18

Hello, dear friends.

I have been using MuseScore for only four months now, and have never done engraving before this time. I am discovering that, while I am pretty good at sight reading scores that are already made by others, I have a hard time creating them myself, particularly when it comes to creating repeated sections, knowing when to create a repeated section and knowing when to simply write out a duplicate passage. Sometimes saving space is a concern, so I feel inclined to repeat sections that I would ordinarily write out.

At any rate, I have noticed that there are several gracious people on the forum who are often willing to help us beginners as we learn the ropes of notation, who are kind enough to point out our mistakes and show us how to correct them. I thought that I would take a chance and see if any such people could give me some tips regarding my latest creation, made from scratch, and my own arrangement representing some of my own amateur attempts at creative chord substitution, in some parts.

I wonder if any of you would have time to point out any of the "mistakes" that I have made, or even suggestions for improvement, in terms of the traditional principles of notation. I am particularly curious to know where I have erred as I attempted to make the score more compact by repeating certain sections. Then again, anything whatsoever that you find to be "out of place," feel free to point it out, if you have the time. Any criticism whatsoever will be taken as helpful and constructive, including any comments regarding the musicality of the arrangement, or the way that I have used MuseScore (sometimes I don't know which text elements to use, to express certain instructions to the musician, whether "staff text" or "change of instrument").

In fact, I used to read jazz charts, and noticed that man of them included a coda symbol, not only at the beginning of the coda, but at the jump point also. This does not seem to follow the more traditional principle of using only the verbal instructions, "To Coda," but I was tempted to include one in my score, if only I knew how.

The score is simply a piano piece designed to accompany a saxophone soloist. The overall intended scheme was simply this:

  1. To have an introduction by the pianist,
  2. To play only accompaniment in the first stanza and the "chorus,"
  3. To repeat the entire song once (except the introduction),
  4. To repeat the chorus alone, up until the jump to the coda, (called "CORO" in Spanish)
  5. To play the coda

Whether my textual instructions are correctly placed, I really don't know. I have never used a D.S.S. al Coda before, for example, but I gave it a try herein.

Anyway, all suggestions on any subject will be greatly appreciated.

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