sound sample for all the plucked stringed instruments, pitched percussion, and electronic instruments

• Sep 28, 2018 - 17:06

I did three files for three instrument categories for those who want to hear how all the instruments sound with a measure of notes for each instrument played in a category... the notes low C, G, middle C, G, and then high C are played as 4 eighth notes and then a quarter note for the last note in each measure in 3/4 time, so one can hear a sample of all the instrument sounds that has a range of 2 octaves to get a better idea of how each instrument sounds and a vague idea of what its ideal range might be for pitch.


Sample of all bowed stringed instruments with a different instrument playing a sample of notes for each measure. The notes in each sample played by an instrument ranges almost 2 octaves in pitch. The reason for not ranging in two octaves like the samples do for other instrument categories is due to the fact that I used open string notes: E, A, D, G, and C.

Actually this last document I did of short audio samples for each musescore pitched percussion instrument is easier to read or hear and see the instrument name as that instrument is being played to help anyone who isn't familiar with some of the pitched percussion instruments in musescore... I know I'm definetely not, so I figured I'd make a document that has samples of some of the instruments for others.

This newest file plays a short sample of notes so you can hear what all of the pitched percussion, keyboard, and electronic instruments sound like (except for one of the electronic instruments which would be the percussion or last instrument listed under electronic instruments.... the instrument part or name is shown along with the notes that are being played for each audio sample for every instrument , so you can easily see what instrument is playing to be able to decide what you like or know or see what instrument is playing. Hope it helps

Also, I did a VERY rough draft of all the Musescore brass instruments if anyone wanted to hear what all the brass instruments sounded like...this is however, a very rough draft. Obviously not all the brass instruments are named "Brass" or "EuphoniumBUGLE" (I still need to change the names but it's easier to copy and paste the name and change it later rather than have to add a "fingering text" for each and every instrument manually instead of copying and pasting), but just as importantly, I need to adjust the octave of each audio sample played for some instruments to note pitches that are more suitable for that instrument's range (like lower the sample an octave for a bass instrument) but it's better than nothing for now if anyone really wanted to hear what all the brass instruments sounded like... so yeah, unfinished, got a lot of work to do yet to make it good.

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