Changing the Instrument after creating music.

• Oct 8, 2018 - 22:39

I have created couple of music pieces but did not realize the default preference for a Classical Guitar did not create the measures for a guitar (they are created for a piano). I am trying to change but the following instructions from the website does not seem to work...
I'd immensely appreciate any suggestion.
Thank you in advance
Change instrument
You can change any instrument in a score to a different instrument at any time. The following method updates instrument sound, staff name, and staff transposition all at once.

Right-click on an empty part of any measure OR on the instrument name and choose Staff Properties...;
Click on Change Instrument... (under "Part Properties");
Choose your new instrument and click OK to return to the Staff Properties dialog;
Click OK again to return to the score.


What happens when you follow those instructions?

Please attach your score so we can see exactly what instrument(s) are in the score, and so explain precisely what you need to do to change the piano to classical guitar.


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