delete ornamentation and/or articulation for large groups of notes

• Oct 28, 2018 - 21:31

I would like to arrange a piece that someone else made in musescore. The Problem is that it has articulation marking (mostly staccato) on almost every single note. I would like These marking to disappear. It is a score for Symphony orchestra , and has 53 bars. So that is About 2000~3000 notes with a staccato marking that I would like to delete. The only way I know to delete this, is remove every single one of them with a Right click and cut, or a left click and then delete button. But I don't feel like having to do that 2000 times. I'd like to be able to select all notes and take them back to simple notes without any Ornaments or articulations added to it. Is there a way to do that?


Use SELECTION : select the place you want to delete, for you all the piece, so , tape CTRL+A, all your piece becomes blue, then right clic on an articulation, select ALL SIMILARS ELEMENTS IN THE SELECTION, all your articulations become blue, clic DELETE or SUPPR

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