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• Dec 6, 2018 - 13:13

OK, everyone, I have input a tune in 4 voices, one note per voice (4-part close harmony), on a grand clef; treble and bass. I now want to split/explode this across 4 separate instruments. I have found the Edit/tools/explode option, highlighted the bars/measures I want to explode but the result isn't what I expect - I expect to get one note per instrument. What do I need to do?



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Many thanks for your comment, but this doesn't solve my problem. The attached file shows what I am aiming at. I have 4 voices in the grand staff at the top, and 4 instruments to explode it over. I highlight the bars and go Edit/Tools/Explode and I get 2 notes per instrument on the first two instruments, and nothing on the last two.

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