A shoutout to Anthemscore (Auto-transcriber)

• Dec 6, 2018 - 14:50

I recommend using Anthemscore ( https://www.lunaverus.com/ ) with Musescore to convert audio to notation. Anthemscore is only $45 US and does a fairly good job of autotranscribing polyphonic audio, works best with single instruments, and can export musicxml or midi. ( I prefer midi as the dynamic value of each note is retained.) Anthemscore offers a free full-featured 30 day trial version and works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It uses a neural network trained on millions of data samples.

Combining Anthemscore with Musescore offers similar possibilities as the online subscription service Scorecloud Pro at a fraction of the cost. Scorecloud Pro costs $20/month, annually $139. (https://my.scorecloud.com/plans)

Melodyne Editor and Studio works well with polyphonic content but is much more expensive Anthemscore. If your know of other cost-effective autotranscription solutions, please share.

PS: I am not affiliated with Anthemscore--i.e., this is not a paid advertisement.

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