DELETE MEASURES in V3.0.0.19499

• Dec 6, 2018 - 22:43

I try to delete measure, but can't find any option for it. I added too many and now want to get rid of them.

Thank you, Marcel

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It's further on possible with the shortcut ctrl+del.
In the current nightly and (probably tomorrow) with the next beta it is/will be available inside the context menu and via menu->tools->timewise delete again.
Above it's possible via menu->tools->remove empty trailing measures

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Ok thanks for the quick reply. I use Musescore in one specific way, so I don't know any of the shortcuts. I should probably spend a day learning how to use all the shortcuts.

But yeah,Ii see a quite a few others mentioned this. And yes that HAS to be in menu. That is not a minor feature!! Thanks!!

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