How do I set X amount of measures per row

• Dec 7, 2018 - 20:30

Hi all,

I'm making myself an arpeggio sheet for practice. I want each row to only be 4 measures long so that it's easier to read. Anyone know how to do that? When I enter the total number of measures it just adds it all back to back. I attached a copy as an example. Thanks y'all, really appreciate it!


  1. You could also open the pallette (F9),
  2. click the arrow before "Breaks & Spacers" to see the options,
  3. then on your sheet music, click on the first note of the last bar that you want remaining on that line before it breaks (or the note that's 1 measure before the actual break)
  4. then going back to the "Breaks & Spacers", click on the first option on the upper left corner underneath "Breaks & Spacers" which should be a right angled arrow going down and to the left, (a right angle arrow that starts with a vertical line going down and then connects to a horizontal line going to the left with an arrow at the end
  5. that should space measures in a line evenly for you by doing that for every 4 measures

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