Microphone to score?

• Sep 16, 2009 - 08:55

Someone can tell me how to convert the sound of my instrument to Muse score through the microphone?
Thank you.


Currently, you can input notes via your mouse, keyboard or MIDI interface. Input via audio such as microphone is not available in MuseScore.

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If I understand, what you want is a way to play a sound and have the program show it. This sort of pitch to MIDI recognition is very, very difficult. For example, intonation and timing are critical, and in a student is asking a lot.

If teaching is your primary goal, I would extol the method of learning how to transcribe with pencil and paper, first. This could be a useful direction.

EDIT: I guess I'm showing my training. :-)


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I am glad to receive your response.

Maybe I'm anticipating the future, a matter of time that this programs type will be developed.

The idea is to build a new module that allows for a series of tolerances depending on the level of the instrument music student, to transform sounds into notes for the score.

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Jose Juan

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I have the feeling that we are in a similar way, enter notes outside the program.
I would like to learn more about your project with the intention of aportarte my modest programming skills.
Is this possible?

Greetings from Valencia (Spain)
Jose Juan

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I'll post problems I encounter on other threads and link here, as I did above.

The plugin will listen on a socket for lines of text, describing notes to add. I haven't decided on a syntax, but that should be generic enough for shell scripts to comunicate with.

Ouch. Glancing at the file format, midi files don't appear to be streamable. The track chunks start with an expected length.

If that's the case, things that need doing:
- Gut the code WaoN uses to interpret sound, and write a new program to generate a pipeable format, preferably lines of text.
If I'm mistaken, things that need doing:
- Check if WaoN can pipe the midi it generates to stdout.
- Compile WaoN under mingw to run on windows.
- Write a midi-to-text parser to pipe through.

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