Is it getting boring?

• Dec 28, 2018 - 13:54
  1. I had an idea for a new piano piece but I believe the accompaniment is a bit boring because its the same in the whole piece and I don't know where to stop it and take another.

What do you think about it?

  1. Which form of music could it become? A Sonata, a rhapsody or something else?

  2. Is the text correct?


Boring? No. I like the key and the sturm und drang atmosphere. The theme and answer are good.

Usually the "rhapsody" is associated with a more uplifting mood. There are so many other terms, such as fantasy, nocturne,ballade,elegy ...whatever.

I know nothing about your experience,so I may ask if you know what a sonata is. I've seen so many compositons called "sonata" or "symphony" when in fact the form of these resembled nothing close to the title.

Current all-purpose Klavierstüke is perfect until you decide.

Without a clue as to the form or length of the piece it is difficult to say when the pattern should change. You did make a textural change in bar 9, then return to the original texture in bar 15.

You are coming close to a place where you will want a countertheme or change of key or something, but I guess you know that (or you would not have asked?). the pattern could go on forever as long as you deploy elements of harmony, counterpoint and texture to keep it interesting.

My guess is conforming to a title could handcuff you. You could ad hoc...let the material decide and stick on a title later. That C minor motif is menacing (foretelling doom? I think of der Sohn in Schubert's Erlkönig); you have to do something interesting with it.

Not sure what "text" you are referring to.

I think you've done quite a good job with the accompaniment. Although it might seem to get old, I believe that to the fresh listener, such as myself, it strikes rather in the area of foreboding. Melodic repetition, so far as I think, is an underutilized tool, and here you have performed an excellent execution of it. I definitely receive Der Erlkonig associations when hearing it, which is, in my opinion, fantastic. You have managed to evoke a grim atmosphere of sufficient magnitude that I liken it to another excellent song. As for originality, you have kept the piece perhaps more original than I could have managed. If you appreciate this comment, please consider granting me an opinion of my scores. (Hopefully I have made it so that other users can see them correctly, as I am unfamiliar with the site layout.)

                                                                Wishing you well in your musical endeavors, -Mogan.

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