Prelude and Fugue

• Jan 3, 2019 - 11:42

After I studied counterpoint I wrote this prelude and fugue. It was not intended from the start to be in the style of Bach but merely an honest academic pursuit incorporating my own ideas. A collision occurred.
Prof. Fuddyduddy was alarmed by the "unsavory 19th century influences", but I wanted this to be my composition. Besides, he often opined that anyone after Beethoven should not have written a symphony and anyone after Wagner should not have written anything, so how seriously could I take this nut?

Despite 19th century "hysterics" , I attempted to adhere to a concise structure, providing unity with the prelude theme prominent as a counterpoint in the fugue.
I hold a fondness for this piece in part, due to the reaction of Prof. Fuddyduddy, and because I actually learned something between his lamentations on the late Romantic period. It's not a perfect work, but it's honest.

As it is for piano, it was the first piece I notated with MuseScore.

A direct link is here provided:


Certainly an honest piece it is. You developed a good continuity with the bass, keeping the song flowing after the initial buildup. It sounds as though your professor was pretty deluded, by the way. If nobody wrote music just because others were considered better than them, then we would be only left to claw at the memories of centuries forgotten with no appreciation for those who go further than listening and are inspired to make their own songs. I could easily see this piece making a nice film score, if my opinion is to be clear. But when I say film score I mean not that your piece is shallow like modern film music tends to be, but that it would be excellently placed in a mystery film. Anyway, I was just stopping by to grant my two cents on the matter. If you did find my comment helpful or accurate, perhaps you would be so kind as to grant an opinion of my scores? (Only one on the site as of now, and it's not in very good shape with the arrangement being messy with the rests.)

                                                                                                    Wishing you well, - Mogan.

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Comments about scores should go on scores, and scores to be looked at should be posted in appropriate groups. I received this as email (I have no prelude-and-fugue pairs posted) and tried to solve the mystery of what this was talking about. This whole "look at my piece" forum is a font of confusion for that reason.

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@Mogan Mogan
Thanks, Mogan. Actually, "Prof. Fuddyduddy" is a conglomerate of those I enjoyed in my days at academia. My comments about them were tongue-in-cheek. I have a tendency to be facetious at times because I live with cats. The poster below has a point. You are better off posting on .com (as you have) with perhaps a link from here. New at this myself I am just beginning to realize that this forum predated the .com site and had been the place to post. It is actually better utilized for things which benefit all or perhaps a work in progress. I posted a new work today which I did not post here and it has received the same amount of attention as it would if I had posted here. Live and learn.

I appreciate your liking my piece, but I'd rather give up a kidney than have it as a film score. It is a prelude a fugue, after all, in homage to Bach but with my own constitution mixed in.

I already have listened to your piece and planned on a comment (good) as I often try to engage with other composers because it's the one thing I understand here. I'll do so this evening. Right now those cats are staring at me which means its time to feed them as well as myself. See you soon...

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