Plugin to learn music notation

• Jan 8, 2019 - 10:25

Hi all,

Does anyone of you know if there is a plugin that creates quizzes on different notes and clefs.

If It is not available, do you think It is feasible to create one with the current capabilities of musescore?

I was thinking about the following features:
- Select note range to test
- Select clef/clefs to test
- Select the number of notes per round
- Optionally, a quiz about chords and different inversions
- Receive input from the computer keyboard
- Receive input from the MIDI device(i.e MIDI keyboard)
- Process microphone input to detect the fundamental frequency and decide(tbh I think this is too far fetched :) )


I like your idea. I am also particularly interested in the potential educational applications of Musescore's plulgin platform. However, I am not a programmer.

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