Repeat part of a measure using the % type repeat sign.

It's possible to make a measure with a repeat previous notes sign inside of it.

Here is the end result

final measure.PNG

Step by step instructions:

  1. Enter notes to be repeated;
  2. Select the notes (click the first note and press Shift while you click the last note);
  3. Press R to repeat the notes (if playback is not important you can select the next rest and adjust its length. Selecting the rest and pressing 5,.,0 will give you a dotted quarter rest in this example);
  4. Press V to make them invisible (if you cannot see the invisible notes, use the View menu and check "Show invisible:"
    duplicating notes.PNG
  5. Select one of the notes near the middle of the invisible notes and press Z to open the master palette;
  6. Start to type "repeat" in the search box until you see the repeat sign:
    open master palette.PNG
  7. Double click the repeat sign;
  8. Close the master palette by clicking the x in the top right corner (other methods don't work when the search box is active).

The following steps are not always necessary and should never be necessary if you use a single rest rather than multiple notes

  1. Press Alt+Shift+E (Ctrl+E in versions prior to 3.0) to put the repeat sign in edit mode;
  2. Use arrows or Ctrl+arrows to move the sign.

The following steps are optional if you need more than one repeat sign

  1. Select the first invisible note and Shift+click the last invisible note to select them;
  2. Press R as many times as needed for the number of repetitions you want:
    copying invisible notes and repeat.PNG
  3. Make the invisible notes not seen on screen by removing the check from "Show invisible" in the View menu if you don't want to see them.

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