Soundfont test - Orch.Strings - fast

• Jan 10, 2019 - 03:09


Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5 e minnor IV beginning of Allegro vivace

Strings only

My $.02

I picked this example for several reasons to include the triplet runs, the multiple stops and the crossed 'celli voices to see if the part (the four initial downbows) would stand out in opposition to the violins as it did. I had to cheat, however. Downbows to not playback as they should (marcato, choppy) unless you add a staccato dot (it helps somewhat.) Also, on the eighths which follow, the normal attack is too tenuto for the style so I added staccato dots. I left them in so you can see where.
Compared to what I hear in orchestral fonts, this sounds good. Not to qualify, but I have a hunch if I add the brass, winds and timpani, the sounds of the strings would be affected in a negative way, sounding thin and tinny. That's for a later date during another bout of writer's block.

I will likely be offering a sample of winds and viola from Symphonic Soundfonts, too, but then you'd have to hear excerpts of music from one Joe something.

Regards to all,
Joe something

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