Creating a Tutti form four sepatate voice scores

• Jan 17, 2019 - 10:44

We have with a group of singers typed a piece of 600 bars in MuseScore. We have done that separately for Alto, Basso, Soprano and Tenor. The piece has a number of changes in time and key.
Now I would like to create a Tutti comprising these four voices.
To that end I created an empty SATB score and started with copy/paste the alto voice.
In doing that I lost the changes in time and key.
Can you tell me how to do that in such a way that the changes in time and key are being copied as well? I cannot find it in the manual

John Reijers


U kunt momenteel geen items kopiëren die aan het systeem zijn toegewezen in Musescore. Je moet ze in jezelf stoppen. In het geval van tijdsaanduidingen stel ik voor dat u deze invoert voordat u in de nieuwe maatsoort plakt.

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Sorry, I was trying to follow proper protocol. I often put both versions in case there are problems with google translating my English.

You cannot currently copy system items like Time and key signatures. You have to put them in yourself in the destination score. In the case of time signatures, I would suggest that you put them in before you paste into the location of the time signature change. This will prevent unwanted ties being introduced into the score.

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Dear Mike,
Thank you for your reply. This is exactly what I experienced when I copied bars with multiple measures. So from now on I will follow your advice. I just hope that this type of functionality will be added to Muse Score in the future.
Kind regards,

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