Violin finger pattern diagram

• Jan 28, 2019 - 00:22


I've been messing with editing the existing Fretboard Diagram but am unable to get it to do what I want, so I thought i would suggest a feature if it would be possible. I'm wanting a diagram similar to it that allows for no frets and more than one dot per string to show patterns for different scales on violin. I've included a picture i created in paint to show an idea of what i mean. My example is just showing two octaves, but the string length would need to be adjustable to accommodate 3 octaves as well as the 2nd octaves that require shifting.

If not, is it possible to upload my own custom pictures into a palette and make my own templates that way?

Thank you.

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I've needed violin fretboards before, and i think this could be a useful feature. We would need a "fret" indicator as well, and i think we can do without the link to the chord symbol.
We'll have to review any standardization documents on displaying this type of diagram in a score.

+1 on this idea.

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