Right hand fingering style for guitar

• Jan 31, 2019 - 20:31

A few days ago I upgraded from MuseScore v.2 to v.3, and have since been trying to understand how stylesheets work in version 3, specifically with respect to fingering settings for guitar. As for left hand fingering, everything seems to be working in the same way as in the previous version. However, with respect to right hand fingering, the system seems to behave erratically (unless I'm missing something completely ;-) ).

For example, see the first example where initially RH fingering was put close to the notes and on the legato line. After manually moving the first occurrence of "m" above the line and saving the document, it stays in the same place after re-opening the file. However, for some strange reason, the other fingering settings often revert to the default setting. Often, not always.

Any idea as to what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.


Please disregard my first post. Not sure why things were going wrong. I'm pretty certain I was using version 3.0.2, and tried the reported erratic behavior several times before posting on the forum. Anyway, and possibly because of rebooting my PC (for reasons not related to MS), LH and RH fingering is behaving in a predictable manner. Maybe I should have rebooted after installation in the first place?
Anyway, thanks to developers for what I consider an excellent product.

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