Half pedal effect?

• Feb 21, 2019 - 03:26

Now, I'm not talking about the sostenuto pedal which is sometimes called the half pedal. What I am talking about here is having the sustain pedal pressed halfway down so you get a little bit of a legato from the pedal but not so much sustain that it muddies the notes. Is there a way to get that effect in Musescore? I'm just wondering because I am composing a nocturne and I am wanting to keep the Ab half note in the right hand sustained in measure 6, even if just a little, while also having no muddying when I change the harmony in that same measure. If I were playing this on my piano, I would bring the pedal up halfway and then press it down fully again(I honestly don't know if the sostenuto pedal on my upright piano works or not so if I see sostenuto, I typically just use the sustain pedal for that passage).

Here is the score in question with the pedal marks:
Nocturne in Ab.mscz

The text is over the Ab that I want to be sustained while at the same time not being muddied up by harmonic change. If there is a way to get half pedaling in Musescore, could that cause the Ab to be sustained while at the same time not muddied up? Or would I have to use the sostenuto pedal for that(which I don't even know if there is sostenuto in Musescore)?


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