Website language switching error

• Mar 15, 2019 - 19:39

This is only a minor niggle, but the website switches me into French (i.e. redirection from to

This would be a great feature except that the language detection seems incorrect.

My Firefox sends 'Accept-Language: en-GB, fr;q=0.7, en;q=0.3'

What I would expect is that the server decides that British English 'en-GB' has the highest priority so uses English.

Instead, French 'fr' is selected even though its quality is 0.7. Presumably it calculates that English 'en' is 0.3 so is less favoured than French. This is not a correct outcome.

There is a workaround: edit the address manually or use the language link at the bottom of the page.


BTW, Firefox language preferences are also buggy: it does not allow American English to be removed (why not?) and it appears to send 'en' instead of 'en-US' for American English. There is no 'English' option in my Firefox (why not?).


I doubt it's the site.
I use Firefox (65.0.1) on a 32 bit machine and I can't reproduce this problem.


When I log in it takes me to the *.it page. Could it also be any Operating System settings?

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No, I wonder whether you can observe the HTTP headers sent by your browser.

Both Chrome and Firefox have developer tools. They open in a new pane that sits below the webpage in the browser. You might be aware of this already. It has a network tab: when the page is loaded, each resource has headers and other information collected. The request headers are the interesting bit - in particular the one called Accept-Language. Then the redirection can be observed in the Location response header for the "/" resource. Its value is the web address with the interesting part being "/en" or "/it" or whatever.

Hope that's clear.


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