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• Mar 21, 2019 - 05:18

Is it possible to add a page footnote attached to a system in MuseScore 3.x? I.e., if by some layout change the system happens to move to another page, the footnote should also move along to the new page. I've noted that in contrast with 2.x, if I move a system text attached to the top staff of a two-staff piano part, the space between the staves changes to make room for the text and any offset I apply. In the attached example I've tried to manually move the text to the bottom of the page but all I get is a further increase in the space between staves.

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It does not seem to work, it only sets a small font, but does not create a true footer. Footer (and header) are defined in the menu Format / Style / Header, Footer, but have a full document range and are usually for page number, copyright, etc. The footnote should go a bit above and be attached to content, as in a word processor.

It would be acceptable if it were possible to insert a floating text box or frame. A possible workaround is to uncheck "Automatic placement", but it still moves the text when the element to which it is attached (generally a note) is repositioned.
Footnotes are important in annotated editions. They should be attached to a note but should not move with the note except from page to page when the corresponding system goes to another page.

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