[fixed] Default output audio port

• Apr 4, 2019 - 16:15

I regulary use musescore and I often need to change the audio output. On Musescore 2, it was possible to just keep the default audio output of the computer witch was faster and easier. I'm maybe wrong, but I didn't find this option on Musescore 3.

My request is just to know if it is possible to add a "Default" choice on the output device, witch follow the output of the global computer.

I'm sorry if my explications aren't very clear. If it's possible to write in french to you, just let's me know, It will maybe be more clear.

Thank you for your attention.


I looked at my 2.2 and there is an option to "reset to default" button which would take you back to the installation settings. I don't recall that it necessarily followed the "global computer," if by that you mean the operating system and the configuration of your devices. 3.0 gives you an automatic option to call the "global computer" and at least take a crack at establishing connections, especially useful with multiple applications running.

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