How to recover MuseScore windows and dialogs that don't show on screen

Several options, pick one of the following:

  • Reconnect that 2nd screen you might have had connected at one time and moved that window/dialog to.
  • Revert to factory settings (easiest)
  • Install and use the plugin (less invasive, available for MuseScore 2 and 3)
  • Use some Microsoft Windows magic to move the dialog (Windows and language dependant):

    1. "Open" the missing window
    2. Put your mouse pointer near the middle of the screen
    3. Press Alt+Space
    4. Press M (English, for "Move", German: V, for "Verschieben")
    5. Press any arrow key
    6. Click mouse
  • Some more Windows magic: Open the window then Windows Key+ (or ). Attaches the window/dialog to the right (or left) border of the screen.

  • Change the scaling in your display settings to something smaller (like from 150% to 125%)
  • Press Esc to leave that invisible dialog (at least solves an apparent 'frozen' MuseScore)

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