Modulating suggestions and correctly using repeat and jump symbols

• May 13, 2019 - 19:55

Attached are two versions of a song.

  1. I wish to play the first version, then modulate to the second version, then modulate back to the first version and end with the final ending of the first version. In the attached current format it is repeating again the second version after the final ending of the song, which is the final ending of version one. I have read the handbook instructions; is there anyone willing to correct the attached for me?

  2. And, would anyone be willing to write a couple/few modulation measures (F to G and back to F again) for me as I do not yet have the ability to write music and have no one to ask.

I also need assistance with using the correct repeat and jump symbols as

Many thanks.


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Your measure 23 missed End repeat;
measure 47 varied coda, End repeat (redundant?);
measure 3 varied coda?

2X measure 3 Segno;
measure 17 To Coda;
measure 23 End repeat;
measure 26 Coda;
measure 47 D.S. al Coda.
But since I don't speak English and don't know much about music, I might have misunderstood.
Buona musica ;-)

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Buona sera, Shoichi!

Thank you for your second reply, which I have tried.

This is what I was wanting:

Measure 1-23
Measure 27-47
Measure 1-17
Measure 24-26 (end of song).

But measures 27-47 were still playing twice and I only want them to play once. However, I have re-labeled (most likely incorrectly) measures 27-47 as ending #1 , (just like measures 18-23), and it is now doing what I want it to do.

Now I just need to find someone who would be willing to help me write the modulation measures.

Molte grazie, paisano! and buona musica :-) to you, too!


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