Instrument ignoring swing setting?

• May 25, 2019 - 17:41

I've applied a 16th note triplet shuffle swing (66%) in Styles and with text. Yet the last instrument I added, Surdo 2.1, is playing it's 16th notes straight while the other instruments are swinging. The swing setting seems to be ignoring that particular part?

To duplicate, load the attached score and listen to the last four 16th notes in every second bar in the Surdo 2.1 part in the first 4 bar repeat. Compared it the running 16th notes of the shaker part. The ontime setting for the notes in Piano Roll Editor have not been altered. Is this a bug?

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It appears that this is a bug. When I replace the four 16th notes, where copied from a non-swing score, the notes where played with swing. It appears that Musescore ignores the swing setting if the four contiguous 16ths are copied from another score which has no swing.

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Looking at the Piano Roll Editor, I've surmised that Musescore creates the swing by changing the ontime note values to correspond to the Swing setting. When notes are copied from another score, Musescore copies the ontime values of the notes as well, which it should do if they have been altered from zero. However, in this case ontime values had not been changed in the other score. I suggest the default should be that the ontime values should not copied with the notes unless the values have been changed from zero by the user. This would allow the proper playback of notes copied and pasted between swing and non-swing scores. Alternatively, ontime and length values could be added to the Selection Filter so that notes could be copied with or without these additional values.

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