Grace Notes and Non-Grace Notes

• May 31, 2019 - 03:56

I develop drum pattern in a measure A and drum pattern in a measure B. I find the drum sound in a measure A is really pleasant to the ears; however, it is not nice to read. In a measure B, I rewrite the notes and use the grace note instead. Well, it is nice to read but it is not nice to hear them. It is hard to hearing the distance of the two drum sticks. Now I want to use the grace notes as it does in a measure B but I need to have the same sound produced in a measure A. What can I do? Please see the picture attached.

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Add another drum part. On the top staff, put the pattern that looks better to read, On the bottom staff, but the one that sounds better for playback. Select the top measure, and uncheck the "play" option (in the inspector) this will make it to where you will not hear the top staff (the one that looks better). When everything you want to be heard is finished, go into your add Instruments tab and deselect the "visible" option next to the bottom drum. This will hide the drum part that you hear, but you won't be able to edit it while it's invisible, so make sure it's finished. (You can however make it visible again).

Here, I have made an example for you on how it should be done (the first measure is how you wrote it, the second is how it should be written. the only change between the two is ive changed a few note values but not the actual note) the second drum part is hidden, so check the instruments if you cant find it.

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