Playback for Drumline Glitches up and sounds like "crackling electronic waves"

• Jun 27, 2019 - 18:16

I am running the latest version of MuseScore on an HP laptop with Windows 10. I began writing drumline parts into the program a while ago, but it's been buggy ever since I started. When I use the playback, the score will play fine for a certain number of measures, but then suddenly glitch out and create some extremely odd, almost creepy crackling electronic noises. I have been dealing with the problem for a while, but it's just been getting in the way. The crackling usually happens in random places, so I can never pinpoint where the source of the problem is. It ill often clear back up after a few seconds, but the crackling also slows the score down.

This does NOT happen in other scores. Just drumline.

I'm thinking either the notes are too much for the Musescore to handle, or the playback is "catching up" with it. Please help!!

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