Palette Icons Too Small and Won't Change Size in Musescore 3

• Jul 7, 2019 - 02:32

Hey guys, I don't know if anyone has a solution to this, but I have tried messing with the -x and -D commands (as well as factory resetting the whole program), but the palette icons refuse to change off of their obnoxiously tiny sizes. When changing, the top icons and most everything else does change in size, just not the palette icons (most notably). When changing the text size/font in preferences, the palette text also changes, but the icons remain the same. I just finally got around to updating to Musescore 3, and this problem didn't really exist in 2, so it's a bit annoying. I am using a Dell S2417DG, a 24" 1440p monitor, so that may be the issue. Is there any way to remedy this without changing the scaling of the rest of Windows/the monitor?


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Not sure if this is still relevant, but thought it might be helpful to share.
The trick is to create a custom workspace: View -> Workspaces -> New. Give it a name and click 'Save'.
After that, in the palette area, right click any element you wish to resize and mark the 'Enable Editing' checkbox. Then, right click the palette element again, select Palette Properties and edit its attributes (like scale, width and height).

Hello All,

I had the Musescore 3 tiny icon issue on my Windows 10 PC. Here is how I fixed the problem:
> Right Click the MuseScore 3 shortcut icon on your Desktop.
> Click "Open file location".
> Right Click "MuseScore3.exe" (this is the program's executable).
> Click "Properties".
> Click the "Compatibility" tab at the top of the window.

Note: I tried using the "Change high DPI settings > check "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by: Application, System, and System (Enhanced)." options, but these did not do anything.

> What I did under the "Compatibility" tab was Clicked the "Run compatibility troubleshooter" and let Windows fix the problem. IT WORKED!!! RESOLVED!!!!

I hope this helps!

Lucas B.

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I had to create an account just to say Bless You for this!!! LOL. Seriously, this took care of the problem, and it was so easy. Your instructions were perfect!

This used to be a problem in MS 2, but then I updated to 3 and it was all fixed. Then I updated within MS 3, and it was back to this too-small problem. Thank you soooo much!

i have found a very quick and dirty fix.

when you go to open musescore, unplug the monitor input cable, then (without moving the mouse) double click. the screen will have no input but the computer will be opening musescore. after about a minute, plug the monitor back in. musescore will be open with normal sized palettes.

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