Playing Musescore files on mobile device

• Jul 17, 2019 - 15:57

I belong to a group of amateur musicians, each of whom, lives and works in different parts of my country (Trinidad). The group gets together once a week to practice, and because of time limitations, we would like to make the practice sessions as productive as possible. We have looked at other music scoring software applications, and it has been determined that Musescore is the preferred application for our purposes. Ideally what we would like to do is to distribute the week’s music – in Musescore format – to each musician so that when we all assemble for weekly practice, the individual parts are well understood, and practice becomes an exercise in assembling the whole piece/s. To achieve this, we are proposing the development of a progressive website to where the different instrumental pieces would be loaded, and then each individual musician, via a mobile app, would download the required score for individual practice.
We have two questions:
Firstly, which Musescore API would we consume so that we could load the individual pieces upon the website which we will create?
And secondly, can we -on the mobile devices - play the downloaded Musescore files without having to load the Musescore Mobile Applications? If so, how?
Many thanks for your kind assistance

Syping Lee

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