need an answer to my emails

• Jul 17, 2019 - 16:40

Hello, this isn't really for community members, but for anyone official in MuseScore crawling through the forums.

I've sent three prior requests (nos. 65298, 65875 and 67133) over the past month, and no one is replying to them.

Ignoring these requests is quite unprofessional and has me doubting my use of MuseScore at all. Please respond ASAP. Thanks.


I don't even know what these request numbers should correspond too, but the MuseScore notation software, which is handled here at the .org domain; has no support line but this forum.

If you're talking about contacting about issues with the online score sharing platform, then you're out of luck here. Those people don't really read these forums.
They do monitor, so posting there might help. Although I doubt they'd respond faster there than via their inbox.

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