Preparation of practice mp3s for choir.

• Jul 19, 2019 - 01:28

In Musescore2, I would prepare a practice mp3 for say soprano by reducing the volume of the other voices with the mixer and at times changing the choir ahs to oboe for the soprano. Then exporting as an mp3. What I heard from my computer during playback was identical to what I heard when playing the mp3. That doesn't seem to work anymore. What am I doing wrong?


I opened your score and saw Bass as solo in the Mixer, Organ was muted, Soprano patch was changed to oboe sound.
With Bass as solo you won't hear anything but Bass.

Please explain exactly what you want to hear, and how you are setting the mixer controls for that outcome.

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Sorry, I was a bit frustrated and did not reset the mixer before I sent you the file.
What I would like to do is prepare practice mp3s for my choir. With version 2, using the mixer, I would keep the voice I wanted to emphasize at 100% and also change it to oboe and decrease the other voices to 50%. It emphasized the targeted voice and allowed the entrances of the other voices to be heard. I would then create an mp3 file. What I heard on MuseScore playback is what was recorded in the mp3 file. I would then reset and proceed to do the same thing with the other voices. Everybody was happy.
When I try this procedure in Musescore 3, with bass as solo as in the file I sent, I don't get bass only, I get everything. I tried sending the recorded mp3 but I was prevented.
In summary: What is exported as an mp3 is not what is set up in the mixer.
Hal Severin

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