Is there a way to merge notes from 2 staves into 1?

• Jul 23, 2019 - 12:09

I'm trying to create a C-staff staff that contains a copy of two staves above ie. merge the nots and copy to a single staff? I've tried 'Copy' and 'Paste' to the new C-clef staff, but MuseScore 3 seems to only want to paste one staff's notes, and overwrites these notes when pasting. This occurs even when the voices are split ie. the treble cleff contains Voice 1 notes, and the bass claf Voice 2.

The first image shows the original treble and bass clef notes, with an empty C-clef staff (i.e. pre-copy/paste).
The second image shows what I'd like to achieve via pasting (I inserted these new notes manually, using Voice 1 for the treble clef, and Voice 2 for the bass clef).

I've tried different combinations of note-entry options, but none seems to do the trick.
Thanks guys!

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Quick update: I just discovered that in fact if I place the treble-clef in the first voice, and the bass-clef notes in the second, I can copy/paste each voice onto the new C-clef, and the notes are 'merged'. It looks like if you select all the notes (from the 2 staves), copy to a new instrument, keep selected and select 'Tools - Implode', MuseScore will try to merge all the notes into a single staff, making (a fairly logical) assignment of voices. As I was getting a 3rd voice (that was unneccessary), I simply changed the Voice 3 items to Voice 2, and deleted the 'red' (3rd voice) rests.

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