Beta Pallet Idea

• Sep 1, 2019 - 14:00

Overall, I like where the pallet bar is going. But I can't help but feel this all could be taken one step further. If there is one thing I actually like about Finale is that each "Pallet" can be it's own window. I can't help but feel it almost wants to do that now when I drag a pallet around. Unfortunately, I can only place it back on the pallet bar.

Imagine for instance you only want to work with Dynamics and Phrasing, You could take the dynamics and Lines pallets off of the bar you then can close the whole pallet bar thereby freeing up a whole lot of horizontal space for your score (which is at a total premium even with today's widescreen monitors).

Maybe you can move the dynamics and line windows up to where the notes are? There is so much potential for in-the-momement customization.


Floating windows make me think of this :-)

I think the larger goal is to simply the experience/learning curve for new users, while preserving flexibility for experienced users, and still providing as much customization/power for experts.

To put in context:

Most solutions on the market have a price/knowledge barrier for using the software, which is generally hundreds of dollars and years of knowledge/experience.

We have no barrier on the cost side and need to eliminate as many barriers on the knowledge/experience side while still preserving flexibility, customization and power.

Finale's approach to floating windows is analogous to floating windows in Photoshop. Sketch appeared out of nowhere has been eating Photoshop's lunch for a very good reason.

Nothing exists in Sketch that doesn't absolutely need to be there.

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You make good points. Certainly there is something to be said to polish what is there. I just cant help questioning if i really need a whole pallet bar when what i need is a couple of pallets. It would be nice to show a little more of the score im working on.

I doubt photoshop is going anywhere. And its problems have more to do with Adobee suit's price, size, and general unwildyness then the idea of actually showing more of the thing you are working on being outdated. How can that ever be a bad idea?

Im not advocating for a replacement to the bar. Just advocating for some freedom to what is, whether by design or not, a fairly constrained system. Granted if its against a core philosophy of musescores design then i guess it is what it is.

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