MDL Plugin perhaps has a bugged drum.

• Sep 2, 2019 - 21:33

My first usage of MDL has left me very impressed, and I would never give it up. It makes marching music so much more fun! However, in this show I'm writing, the snares seem to be giving up on some notes and it's just strange. Here's a screenshot of the pattern that's more or less repeated throughout the entire first part.

Some notes produce no sound, none. If a note is produced and it has an accent on it, it plays the accent, and if it is does not have an accent, it doesn't play it. In short - the playback is 100% working on notes that aren't errored out. I've done these things to try and solve it:
- Used alternate Snare Lines
- Re-written the part
- Played the part as a solo, and these notes did not work.

The attached files are a picture of the rhythm and a link to the MuseScore 3 score if you'd like to mess with it or perhaps investigate further.

Thanks in advance.
(I am using the GeneralUser GS Soundfont, so this may cause issues in playback sound files.)

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