Update to Tunings and Temperaments plugin

• Sep 7, 2019 - 08:51

Hi, just a quick note that my Tunings and Temperaments plugin got an update.


  1. Added a "tweak" value, default 0, that gets added to each offset.
  2. The save/load dialogs should now open in the plugins directory. I've only tested this on a Mac so it should work for Linux too but I don't know about Windows. If anyone on Windows wants to give it a try I'd appreciate any feedback.
  3. Dropped active support for 2.x - the old version is still available but doesn't have these new features, they're only for 3.x.


Hi billhails,
Thanks for the great plugin, it makes understanding intonation so much easier. I love your informative document on .com too. Big thanks.
Are you notified by the issue tracker? There's a minor bug relating to the history function.

Please see this code i used to fix, i'm too lazy to git

  function newHistory(commands) {
   while (index<history.length-1) { history.pop() }
   while (history.length >= maxHistory) { history.shift() }

To users:
There's a tiny issue to mind for: you can apply tuning to selection of notes using this plugin, BUT not if you select one single note (without using a range method). Selecting one note and click apply will apply tuning to ALL notes on score.

Hi! Any plans to update your marvellous plugin to the new 4.0 API? I'm a newcomer to MS, and I've just started with 4.0.1, so I cannot use many plugins. Would I have investigate a bit more, perhaps would have selected 3.x, but that's life... Of course, I know you have no obligation to do this work, but certainly would be so wonderful... thanks anyway!

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