• Sep 11, 2019 - 17:08

Why does this simple score not play back? Other scores do but I can't see what's different about this one.

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As you might guess, the singer plays flute 1 on the second time through.
I never would have guessed.

It is always best to stick to the rules.
This is true. Since there exists no first volta, the use of a second volta confused MuseScore's playback.

As an exercise in what's possible (though maybe not correct), I was pleasantly surprised to be able to achieve your intent using a 'fake' second volta created from the 'Line' found in the palette. Hook(s) and text can be added to a line with placement adjustments available. Playback works:
(Click on the volta and look in the Inspector.)

Over the years, and especially since the introduction of the Inspector, MuseScore has progressively allowed much more customization. This is a boon to those (iconoclasts?) who wish to do things their "own way".

[Heck, during a gig I've read chord changes scribbled on cocktail napkins.]


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