Learn piano using Musescore

• Sep 16, 2019 - 09:00


For learning piano I need developing function "Wait Mode" as in Flowkey, Sintesia, Simply Piano, Yamaha suite and other software to learn Piano. What means "Wait Mode" ?
Keyboard is connected by Midi cable to computer. (Keyboard Connexion on Computer is OK and
show me when keyboard is connected now in Musescore). I should activate "Wait Mode" function and
press play. Muse score is waiting for me to find a first note, after I pressed first note go to the next note and so on. This is first step when I learn piano, after that second step 50 procent tempo (that is OK in Musescore. If you know other learning piano software I think you understand what I mean.
There is already this function (WAIT MODE) in MuseScore and I don't know ?

Thank you,


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