No sound from MuseScore

• Sep 17, 2019 - 01:38

I have tried EVERY single possible solution that I have found on the forums for fixing this issue.

I have no sound from MuseScore, no playback, no nothing, and this makes it near impossible to write, and reinsure that what I am writing is correct, and just to hear what I'm writing directly in the software - which ultimately makes MuseScore the best alternative to $400-$500 programs.

Can someone please help??


To add to this, when I export from MuseScore (as a .mp3), there is also no sound, and when I press play, there is a cursor moving through the music at tempo and like it should be playing, but there's no sound. I have the synthesizer panel, with a SoundFont loaded.

I have just found out that now the metronome works after some troubleshooting, but still no sound from the actual playback of the composition itself. I'd like to note that I am using the MDL extension to write.

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