How about pre-formatted measure breaks?

• Sep 30, 2019 - 23:50

The first thing I do when making a piano score is to add 20 measures, and then break the measure into sets of 3.

It may be a nice feature to have the option to do this automatically on a new score?

Total measures: 50
Number of measures per line: 3

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Total measures already is part of the New Score Wizard; but perhaps it could remember the last used value?
Measures per line doesn't really make sense for the majority of scores out in the wild; but perhaps you could use it as a template score (such as the default score that opens up the first time you launch MuseScore)?

If you are frequently using the same layoutm just create a blank score the way you like it, save it and make it read-only. Or save it as a template. i do the former because I find it easiest to goto File >Recent >...

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