problem with install

• Oct 17, 2019 - 18:02

When trying to install musescore, I got this message: "Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver" in a box. Then, if I remember correctly, two more boxes came up. The one on top said: "throw regimenkeyex(canidatekey)in copy estimate size". The box underneath was one with a "status complete" bar. I clicked OK on the top box, and I got: "reconfiguring Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver", and later: "preparing to install", but my computer was just stuck there for maybe 10 minutes or more. Are Musescore and the Yamaha driver slugging it out inside my computer? I want unity in the community. Do I try again and just wait? - Or what?


I can't speak with own experiences. But from time to time I read about similar topics, where the reason is the audio driver. Maybe look for and install an update of the audio driver. Or deactivate the driver, install MuseScore and activate/install the audio driver again. But these are still guesses.

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I don't think so. In other cases (maybe with other concerns) I read about it the reason/solution were caused by the audio driver, not by MuseScore. So until it's not clear that's a bug of MuseScore, it doesn't make sense to post it inside the issue tracker.

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