smart way to toggle instrumentation?

• Oct 20, 2019 - 15:13

I am writing Arrangements mostly for brass ensembles. But I find it easyer to judge the sounding from a decent piano sound rather from the soundfonts for trumpet, trombone and tuba. So I frequently switch from plain piano sound to different brass instruments and back again. Is there a smarter way than to switch the instruments in the mixer everytime anew?


My thoughts (if I understand it correct):

  • use two unlinked staffs for the piano (treble and bass)
  • inside the mixer use the letter keys to switch faster to the desired sound
  • use change instrument from right click -> staff properties
  • create a new template with the desired instruments and copy and paste the notes
  • add the desired instruments, use the explode tool and mute instruments for playback, if necessary

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